Don't underestimate the value of water skiing gloves. Even recreational and novice skiers can benefit from these pieces of water skiing equipment. A good pair of water skiing gloves will protect your hands from chapping and abrasions, and they allow you to get a firmer grip on the handle of your water ski rope.

When selecting water skiing gloves, check out the Ho Sports Empire water ski gloves. Special features include sticky bumps and pre-curved fingers for exceptional grip, and Velcro straps across the backs of the hands ensure a secure fit.

Some makers of water skiing equipment have designed water skiing gloves especially proportioned for women's hands. The Ho Sports Esprit Women's ¾ gloves are similar to the standard Ho Sports Empire gloves. These gloves leave the fingertips free, and they have the same sticky bumps on the palm, with Velcro straps across the back.

For expert advice on water skiing gloves and other water skiing equipment, visit your local Sun & Ski shop.