If you are at the intermediate or advanced level of wakeboarding, one of the most useful wakeboarding tips is how to start your wakeboard by stepping off a swim platform as an alternative to a deep water start. The step-start is a great choice for chillier days when you don't want to start your ride already wet.

Here's how to do a wakeboarding step start:

  1. Be sure you have quality wakeboard ropes and handles.
  2. Put on your wakeboard, and stand on a swim platform with your rear fin hanging off the center of the platform.
  3. Let your wakeboard rope out, and stop when you have a few feet of rope, plus the wakeboard handle, in the water behind you.
  4. Tell your boat driver to move forward slowly, and as the speed increases, ease yourself off the platform to balance standing, transferring your weight to your back foot as you let the rope slide through your hands and pull you forward slightly so you can grab the handle.

For this type of wakeboarding start, you might want to wear gloves to protect your hands from rope burn.