When shopping for your wakeskates, think about what types of tricks you want to try once you hit the water. The size and style of wakeskate you choose depends on whether you want to ride it like a wakeboard or skateboard.


If you are dreaming of big air and doing wake jumps, grabs and spins on your wakeskate, choose a slightly larger board. Those extra inches give you added flexibility and might make the difference between a killer move and a wipeout. Check out the Byerly Men's Revival Wakeskate, which has a slightly wider profile than some other models.


If skateboard-style flip tricks are what you crave, a smaller wake skate will be easier to spin and flip than a larger model. Try something closer to four feet in length. The Hyperlite Catalyst Stylus has a narrower profile which can make for smoother spinning.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice about choosing wake skates for your best tricks.