If you are new to wakeskating, you might not want to spend too much on a wakeskate.

When buying your first wakeskate board, be sure to keep these size guidelines in mind:

Body size: In general, a larger, taller individual should choose a larger wakeskate board, and a smaller person should choose a smaller wakeskate board.

Tricks: Try different wakeskate boards before you commit to buying one. If you want a wakeskate board that rides more like a skateboard for better flips, choose the smallest wakeskate board that feels right for your body size.

Check out the Hyperlight Catalyst Stylus Wakeskate for an inexpensive but solid ride with a classic wooden board feel. This wakeskate's features include a 9-ply wooden core flat deck with a die-cut EVA top.

For expert advice about choosing the right wakeskate for your ability level and interests, visit your local Sun & Ski shop.