A common question is "what size wakesurf board should I get?" Overall, larger wakesurfing boards are a better choice for beginners. Plus, they also work well if you have a smaller wake. On the other hand, smaller wakesurfing boards are quicker and more responsive, and they are the better bet for experienced wakesurfers. However, they are less buoyant, which will make surfing without a rope harder for the inexperienced rider. What other factors do you need to consider when choosing your perfect wakesruf board?

Weight and Experience

When selecting a wakesurf board, consider your weight and experience, and how these factors will affect your ride. But remember that there are no hard and fast length rules for a wakesurf board, so it's worth testing a few different styles, sizes, and brands before making a decision. Also, if you want to share a wakesurf board among a group of buddies, some sizes and shapes will work for many different body types and experience levels.


Surf style boards are the most forgiving and stable of wakesurf boards. They also have the most significant weight range spectrum for riders. A surf style board that is an epoxy fiberglass construction would allow for even heavier riders to enjoy the board even at a smaller than their standard size. Epoxy fiberglass boards are much more buoyant than compression molded boards. The added buoyancy will allow big and small riders alike to ride. Having a surf style board with multiple fin options will also give riders of different experience levels the ability to change the characteristics of the board to their liking. When finding a board that everyone can enjoy, you can't go too wrong with a bigger board. Although it mayl feel a bit sluggish for some, a big board will allow most people to get up and at least make some turns, which is what it is all about.

Weight Suggested Size
Up to 110 LBS 3'10" & Below
100 - 160 LBS 4'0"
110 - 180 LBS 4'4"
120 - 190 LBS 4'6"
140 - 200 LBS 4'8"
160 - 220 LBS 4'10"
180 - 250 LBS 5'0"
250+LBS 5'+

By having a versatile wakesurf board for many different body types, you can continue to have a great time on the water with your group. Have more questions about wakesurfing or any other water adventures? Visit us in-store or online at your local Sun & Ski Sports.