Keep in mind that larger wakesurfing boards are a better choice for beginners, and they also work well if you have a smaller wake. Smaller wakesurfing boards are quicker and more responsive, and they are the better bet for experienced wakesurfers.

When selecting a wakesurf board, consider the weight and length, and how these factors will affect your ride. But remember that there are no hard and fast length rules for a wakesurf board, so it's worth testing a few different brands before making a decision. Also, if you want to share a wakesurf board among a group of buddies, it's easy to find one that will work for many different body types and experience levels.

For example, the Byerly Men's Hazard Wakesurfer is designed to accommodate a range of body weights, and its 4-foot, 8-inch length allows for several different fin setups, so multiple riders can share the wakesurf board and customize it their own way.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice about selecting a wakesurf board.