The key to successful wakesurfing is a great wake, and that means great ballast.

Here are a few ways to bulk up the ballast for an awesome wakesurfing ride:

Built-ins: Many boats used for wakesurfing and other board sports have built-in ballast areas that can be filled with water.

Ballast bags: Ballast bags are inflatable sacks that hold water to create extra weight. One advantage of using ballast bags is that they can be moved from one side of the boat to another. To maximize your wake, you want to put most of your ballast toward the rear of the boat, and most of it on one side. Most wakesurfers choose the left side, because this creates the biggest wake. Ballast bags range in size from the 225-pound Straight Line Sumo Rucsac to the Straight Line Sumo V 750-pound ballast bag. The more ballast you have, the bigger your wake.

When you are thinking about ballast for wakesurfing, don't forget your pump! The Straight Line Sumo Weight Enhancement Pump boasts a 9-foot PVC hose and fills 100 pounds in 55 seconds.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice about maximizing your wakesurfing waves.