You love your laptop, so why not make sure it travels in style? The right travel bag will protect your laptop during your daily commute, or when you travel out of town. A laptop travel bag is great for business travelers, or those who just like to keep their technology close by when they travel. A good bag will protect your laptop from scratches, dents, or screen cracks, so don’t settle for anything less.

There are a variety of laptop travel bag styles to choose from. Each bag also comes with different materials, levels of protection, and organizational features. Before choosing the perfect bag, think of how rigorous the travel will be and how often you need to use it. This will help you narrow down your search. Styles of laptop bags to choose from include...


Backpack style bags are easy and comfortable. They also typically can store much more than just a laptop inside. The Thule Subterra 30I Laptop Backpack features a 15-inch padded laptop sleeve with SafeEdge construction and a PowerPocket to manage cords between your device and mobile charger. It includes EVA shoulder straps with mesh covering and padded back panel to increase comfort.

Rolling and Wheeled Bags

Wheeled bags are like a rolling briefcase. They are great for not only carrying your laptop but any paperwork, folders, or other technologies you might need. These also come in a variety of styles and sizes. They are convenient for airport travel and can double as a carry-on bag. Make sure the wheeled bag you choose has a specific compartment for your laptop with the proper padding and space for extra laptop accessories.

Tote-Style Bags

These are bags with a shoulder strap or handle to carry to work or for a short trip. Many come with a zipper to conceal the contents inside the bag. These can be carried over the shoulder or sometimes as a crossbody bag. These bags provide the ease of carrying a light bag with all of your necessary items in one compact place. Look for a tote with a padded, secure compartment for your laptop and pockets to keep laptop accessories.

Your laptop is an important piece of equipment. Protect it with the right laptop bag. Have more questions on laptop bags, travel, or any other adventure? Come see us online or in-store at your local Sun & Ski Sports.