What are some safety rules for liquid fuel camp stoves?

Liquid fuel camping stoves can be used in a wide variety of camping conditions, and the fuel is easily available. A white gas camp stove, for example, might be a multi-fuel stove that could run on diesel or kerosene. Points to keep in mind when using a liquid fuel camping stove include:

  • Safety: Test your white gas camp stove at home before you take it on the trail to make sure you are comfortable with cooking, cleaning, and storage procedures. Ideally, one white gas camp stove will meet all your camping gas stove needs. Keep flammable materials away from children.
  • Storage: Be sure to monitor the fuel for camping stoves to avoid spills, and remember that the fuels are flammable. Keep fuel away from campfires and other possible sources of ignition, and your stove will be safe and ready to go when you need it.

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