Timex Pocket Pedometer

Timex Pocket Pedometer

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Slim and stylish, the new Timex® Pocket Pedometer provides accurate activity readings, coupled with a comfortable design. These discrete device will track and help you increase your activity level. Easy Calibration means it is easy to get started add your weight, height & gender. This pedometer also calculates BMR (Basel Metabolic Rate), the estimated number of calories you burn throughout the day while at rest. The Timex Pocket Pedometer is a great first step to a healthy life!


Tracks Steps Taken, Distance Travelled and Calories Burned Automatic Activity Timer Daily Goal Today Rec Mode Activity history mode Calculates BMR (Basel Metabolic Rate) Easy Calibration Power Saving Mode Button Lock Feature Fits Comfortably in a Pocket Durable and Lightweight Resin Case

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