Tenergy Arc 5200 Universal Portable Power Bank

Tenergy Arc 5200 Universal Portable Power Bank

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The Tenergy Arc 5200 Universal Portable Power Bank is a no brainer for anyone trying to keep battery devices working, especially on the go. This power bank gives you up to 25 hours of extra talk and play time. It has a grade A+ Lithium Ion battery with 500+ life cycles and a built in Apple&Reg; lightning&Trade; charging cable and micro USB. It has a built in battery level indicator to let you know how much is charge it has to dispense. Best of all this bank can charge two devices.


Up to 25 Hours Extra Talk and Playtime Grade A+ Li-Ion Battery with 500+ Life Cycles Built-in Apple&Reg; Lightning&Trade; Charging Cable and Micro USB Cable Optimized to Quickly Charge the Latest iPhone and Android Phones Can Charge 2 Devices at Once Battery Level Indicator Up-to 3 Months Super Long Stand-By Time

Tech Specs

Chemistry: Lithium-ion Nominal Capacity (mAh): 5200 Maximum Current: Output current: Apple Lightning Connector: 1A; Micro-USB: 1A Input Voltage: 5V DC Input Current: 1A Weight: 10.5oz Dimensions: 55 x100 x 25mm