Mcnett Sil Fix Sil-nylon Repair Kit

Mcnett SilFix™ Sil-nylon Repair Kit

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The Mcnett SilFix™ Sil-nylon Repair Kit is the only repair kit made for silicone-treated tents. Even the best tents need repairs. Use this SilFix™ Kit to make quick, lasting repairs to the ultralight silicone-infused fabric in your tent, tarp, pack and rainwear. Repair holes, tears and unraveling seams. SilFix™ is part of a comprehensive line of Care and Repair products from Gear Aid. With Gear Aid, anyone can be a master of gear repair. The only repair kit ideal for sil-nylon fabrics. The only repair adhesive for silicone treated nylon fabrics! SilFix™ repairs holes and tears on all sil-nylon tents, tarps, backpacks and outerwear. Also reinforces high wear areas. Ultralight kit includes 1⁄4 oz. SilFix™ repair adhesive, 1 Clean Tape™ Patch 1 Sil-Nylon Fabric Patch, brush and repair instructions. NOTE: For polyurethane coated fabrics, use SeamGrip® and Aquaseal®.


The only repair adhesive made for sil-nylon fabrics Repairs tents, tarps, packs, rainwear Reinforces high-wear areas Kit includes: 1 SilFix™ Silicone Adhesive, 1 Clean Tape™ Repair Patch, 1 Sil-Nylon Repair Swatch, 1 Application Brush, an Expert Repair Guide.

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