Shimano BR-M395 Front Hydraulic Disc Brake

Shimano BR-M395 Front Hydraulic Disc Brake Assembled Set

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The Shimano BR-M395 Front Hydraulic Disc Brake Assembled Set is a ready to use price point, easy maintenance option for MTB beginners. Ready to use, filled and easily mountable. Includes one front wheel brake consisting of a caliper with B01 resin brake pads, left brake lever, 1000mm hose, incl. pinch, support sleeve, mounting tool TL-BH61, screws, without disc and adaptor.

Original Shimano parts guarantees that all components work perfectly for optimum performance and maximum safety and longevity.


Front Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brake Assembled Set Caliper w/ B01 Resin Brake Pads 2-Finger Left Brake Lever 1000mm hose incl. pinch/support sleeve TL-BH61 Mounting Tool Screws Rotor and adaptor not included

Tech Specs

Manufacturer item code: EM396LFPRA100 Model Numbers: BL-M396L(L), BR-M395L(F) W/O ADAPTER Material: Aluminum Weight: Approx. 300 gram (with lever, hose, caliper) Disc Recommendation: Shimano SM-RT30, SM-RT54 oder SM-RT56 (not included) Brake caliper: BR-M395 Brake pads: B01 Resin Brake hose: SM-BH59-A Brake lever: BL-M396 left Brake fluid: Shimano mineral oil

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