Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Rear Whe

Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Rear Wheel

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The Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Rear Wheel delivers everything you could ask for, including a heritage forged in the Spring Classics. At the center of the 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher is the 77/177 hubset, an innovation that results in improved stiffness, durability, simplicity and versatility.

Zipp's Carbon Clincher technology preserves the aerodynamic advantages while adding thenience of a clincher tire. And it's light enough to climb up the steepest gradients with ease as a go-to all-around wheelset.

The Firecrest shaping optimizes the aerodynamic profile of both tnt half and the back half of the wheel. In addition, Firecrest moves the center of pressure of the wheel backwards, giving the 45 mm-deep rim the crosswind stability a box-section rim. At the same time, the 26.4 mm-wide brake track (at center) allows the clincher tire to take on a wider, more stable shape without compromising rolling resistance. It's faster, simpler, and more stable.

Theeels retain all the small details that make Zipp wheels what they are. Exposed spoke nipples sit in the aerodynamic shadow of the rims, keeping serviceability simple without compromising speed. And signature ABLC™ rim dimples squeeze every last second of performance possible.

*The03 Firecrest may present some fitment issues for a small number of road and triathlon frames. Please test the wheel within the frame you intend to ride under normal conditions before purchasing.


NEW Proprietary Firecrest rim shape Carbon Clincher Technology Advanced Boundary Layer Control (ABLC™) Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control (VCLC™) Wire Electron Discharge Machining (EDM) Swiss made Steel Bearings Incl. Tangente Platinum Pro Evo brake pads, Zipp Integrated Valve Extender with valve-core wrench, rim tape and quick release.

Tech Specs

Rear Wheel Weight: 900g Max recommended rider weight: 250lbs Hub Used: 177 Rim Depth: 45mm Brake Track Width (center): 26.40mm Max Width: 28.50mm Clincher Bead Width: 17.25mm Spokes: Sapim® CX-Sprint Spoke Count: 24 Spoke Pattern Non-Drive: 2 cross Spoke Pattern Drive: 2 cross Spoke Length Drive: 270mm Spoke Length Non-Drive: 272mm Max Tire Pressure: 125psi Max Tire Pressure: 8.62 bars 11-speed compatible hub: Yes Track Adaptable: No Dimpled Surface: Yes Nipples: Sapim® External Nipples: Yes XDR Compatible: Yes

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