Shimano Pd-r8000 Ultegra Carbon Pedals

Shimano Pd-r8000 Ultegra Carbon Pedals

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The Shimano Pd-r8000 Ultegra Carbon Pedals delivers pro-level performance for the weight-conscious cycling enthusiast. The extra-wide, lightweight, carbon composite platform offers a huge target for clipping in, so rolling away from red lights and the start of a crit are hassle-free affairs. The large body also provides more efficient power transfer and distributes pressure better so long days in the saddle aren't met with hot spots on your feet. The low profile design increases road clearance for improved confidence when leaning through the turns and getting back on the gas.


High-Quality Pedals for Road Adventures Wide Carbon Body Offers Stable Support Steel Body Plate for Durability SPD-SL Cleat for 3-Hole Shoes Adjustable Entry and Release Tension