Look Keo Blade 8 Pedals

Look Keo Blade 8 Pedals

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The Look Keo Blade 8 Pedals is a great racing and training pedal with an adjustable entry/release angle. The blade shape has been updated for exceptional aerodynamic performance. The stack height is very small, only 14mm. There is a Needle Bearing Cartridge in the central position working together with two spaced out ball bearing s to distribute the load. There is a large surface area to move your power into the drivetrain.


Composite Body Material Blade Technology allows for adjustability for entry/release pressure Blade Shape maximizes aerodynamic performance Ultra Light Weight Pedal: 240g Very Low Spindle Stack Height 14mm Needle Bearing Cartridge in central position Two Spaced out ball bearings to distribute the load Axle Play is no longer an issue thanks to a wave spring with pre-load With a large surface area, power is transferred into drivetrain more directly Chromoly Steel Axle Distance from Spindle to Crank Arm: 53mm Two Types of Composite Blades: 8 and 12nm Recommended Cleats: Look Keo Grip Cleats Grey


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