Finish Line Speed Clean 17oz Degreaser
Finish Line Speed Clean 17oz Degreaser
Finish Line Speed Clean 17oz Degreaser
Finish Line Speed Clean 17oz Degreaser

Finish Line Speed Clean 17oz Degreaser

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17 fl oz

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Finish Line Speed Degreaser represents the industry’s fastest, cleanest, and most advanced "dry" degreasing technology. Due to its state of the art formulation, Speed Degreaser quickly evaporates with no water rinsing. Parts are left squeaky clean and bone dry, with no oily residue! Speed Degreaser features a strong turbo sprayer; so sticky black chain grime or caked-on brake glaze is removed without scrubbing. For optimum lubricant adhesion, use Speed Degreaser to prep a chain in advance of applying a fresh coat of lubricant. Speed Degreaser is also an easy way to clean disc brake rotors, and when used on rims it helps eliminate brake squealing. Speed Degreaser is sure to restore any drivetrain or precision part to like-new cleanliness! Completely Federally-VOC / California Air Regulatory Board Compliant, (plus of course safe on the user and environment)


Utilizes “Dry” Degreasing Technology Formulated to Displace Water & Moisture Features CFC-Free Turbo Sprayer 17oz (500ml) Aerosol

Tech Specs

Features a readily biodegradable formulation, which means that more than 60% of the product’s ingredients will degrade within 28 days when exposed to the environment. Formulated using an innovative, corn-extracted alcohol, which is renewable and sustainable. As such, this product is non-toxic to the environment when used in quantities and applications as intended. Contains NO carcinogenic or hazardous air polluting (HAP) ingredients. REACH compliant for Europe. All ingredients used are listed with all major worldwide chemical inventories. Federally VOC & California Air Regulatory Board (CARB) Compliant Extremely flammable and contains VOCs. Product should be used with caution and in a well ventilated area. Contains no artificial dyes or fragrances and is packaged in recyclable steel cans. NO CFC or ozone depleting propellants.


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