Sportlegs Bottle 120 capsules

Sportlegs Bottle 120 capsules

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120 capsules

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The SportLegs Bottle 120 capsules supplement help to stop the "burn"! They are the safest, easiest, and healthiest way to minimize frustrating muscle "burn" during sports or exercise, without paying for it in aches and soreness afterward. Taken an hour before exercise, the safe, premium lactate forms of calcium and magnesium in SportLegs™ vegetarian capsules mimic the start of sports or exercise for your muscles, so they can begin their natural adaptation to exercise and prepare to consume lactic acid earlier. You will accumulate less lactic acid build up wich causes the "burn" during sports, and soreness after. The Capsules can be taken before, during or after exercise. SportLegs’ balanced blend of natural European lactates is delivered to your muscles in an alkaline form to neutralize any lactic acid that does accumulate before it can ruin your day, your night or your tomorrow.


Prevents pain and increases performance by suppressing lactic acid accumulation Pre-loads bloodstream with lactate which effectively raises lactate threshold Contains special natural-source compounds of vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium Can be taken before or after workout to minimize soreness Gentle enough to be taken on an empty stomach

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Vitamin D (as cholecaciferol) 77 IU, 19% DV Calcium 154mg, 15% DV Magnesium 77 mg, 19% DV Type: Capsule Use: Before/During/Daily Flavor: Natural Unit of Sale: 120 Capsules


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