Cat Eye Padrone Smart+ Bluetooth Cycling Co

Cat Eye Padrone Smart+ Bluetooth Cycling Computer

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The Cat Eye Padrone Smart+ Bluetooth Cycling Computer will take your ride to the next level, collecting data to help you make smart decisions during your ride. It tracks rides in "Mirror Mode" using your smartphone's GPS or directly with Bluetooth Smart sensors. In either mode, the Padrone Smart+ quickly and easily uploads ride data to CateyeAtlas™, TrainingPeaks™, and Strava™ when your ride's complete. Plus you can keep connected with social media, text, call, and email alerts without ever having to pull out your phone.


Full dot display, multiple customizable data screens, arrow navigation, incline and lap functionality are just some of the new features included Track rides in Mirror Mode using your phone`s GPS or use directly with Bluetooth® Smart sensors Quickly and easily upload ride data to CatEyeAtlas™, Strava™ or TrainingPeaks™ Functions include current/average/max speed, current/average/max cadence (with sensor), current/average/max heartrate (with sensor), current/average/max power, altitude, and more Displays call/email/text/social media alerts on screen

Tech Specs

Includes: Speed and cadence sensor Wire: Bluetooth Functions: 27 Color: Black