Forza F-5 Trainer Cycle

Forza F-5 Stationary Bike Trainer

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The Forza F-5 Stationary Bike Trainer. If you want to train indoors this is the bike for you. Tired of not wanting to ride your bicycle on long cold winter days, rainy days, or super hot summer days? Then this is the bike for you. This bike allows you to adjust the handlebar, stem and seat post position to mimic your current bicycle. This gives you the ability to seamlessly ride your outdoor bike or this indoor training bike without noticing hardly any positional difference. It also really helps you improve your spin at the same time. This bike is the perfect training tool to match your outdoor riding!


Adjustable resistance bicycle for Spinning™ 42lb Flywheel and heat treated axle Heavy-duty oversize frame for reduced flex Fully adjustable design Self leveling pedals with toe straps Side braking resistance for longer bearing life New horizontal and vertical seat and handlebar adjustment 80mm of additional vertical adjustment for seat and handlebar **Due to the size and weight of this item, it can only be shipped to a Sun and Ski Bike store shown with *. Oversize wheels for mobility on carpet and rough floors Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Total distance, and scan functions

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This item requires some bike mechanical skill to assemble and tune it correctly. It should be built by the store before it is picked up. Due to several units being damaged badly being shipped via Fed Ex even when double boxed it can only shipped by truck

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