Thorlos® Experia Thor·wick Cool® Thin Cushion Micro Mini-crew Running Socks- DISCONTINUED

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The Thorlos® Experia Thor-wick COOL® Thin Cushion Micro Mini-crew Running Socks are perfect for runners, hikers, fitness walkers and cyclist with high performance goals and demand a performance product. Thor-wick COOL® construction wicks moisture better so that your feet feel cooler. Thin cushioning in ball/heel give you more blister protection than any other thin sock product on the market today. These are NOT designed for active people with any distracting foot issues or long-time wearers of Thorlos® thick or moderate cushioned products. It is designed for narrower healthy feet and a lightweight aerodynamic fit.


Experia® construction Thor-wick COOL® moisture management Thin Cushion THOR-LO Pads

Tech Specs

66% Thor-wick COOL®, 20% Nylon, 13% Polyester, 1% Elastic