K2 Power 9 Ski Poles '15
K2 Power 9 Ski Poles '15
K2 Power 9 Ski Poles '15

K2 Power 9 Ski Poles

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The K2 Power 9 Ski Poles are feather light with a carbon construction and wrapped with a triax technology for ultimate strength and stiffness, necessary for maximum performance. K2's Triax Technology is the controlled process of winding carbon fibers at a 60 degree angle around the outside of the shaft for a thin (14mm), lightweight design. The external TRIAX fibers reinforce and control the uni-directional fibers of the pole, creating a more durable/stiff shaft. The new versatile FreeRide grip combines a small diameter park grip, an all mountain traditional grip and a backcountry-focused grip, into one design. The small diameter makes it easy to hold, while the larger fore and aft supports on either end of the grip keep your hand in place. The front grip utility hook groove is perfect for lifting ski boot levers or heel risers while touring.


Carbon Triax Construction Utility Hook FreeRide Grip FreeRide Basket

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Sizes: 42-52inches (105-130cm)

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