Leki Bold S Ski Poles '21

Leki Bold S Ski Poles '21

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Product Details

The Leki Bold S Ski Poles '21 is a solid pole choice for those looking to get into Leki's Trigger system without breaking the bank. A sturdy 18mm aluminum shaft is paired with the time-tested Trigger S Slalom grip that also has non-slip finger grooves giving you a close responsive connection to the pole. Also enjoy features like the adjustable Trigger S Vario strap, cobra basket, and steel tip that all combined will give you precise pole planting and improved performance. This Leki Bold S Ski Poles '21 is all business!


Trigger S SL Grip Non-Slip Finger Grooves Maximum Comfort Adjustable Trigger S Vario Strap Durable Aluminum Shaft Cobra Basket Tool-Less Basket Replacement Steel Tip Precise Pole Planting Optimal Grip

Tech Specs

Shaft Material: Aluminum TS Construction: Fixed Length Grip: Trigger S SL Strap: Trigger S Vario Segments: One-Piece Tube Diameter: 18 mm Basket: Cobra Tip: Steel Length: 110 cm - 135 cm Weight: 270 g


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