Salomon Warden MNC 13 Snow Ski Bindings '17

Salomon Warden MNC 13 Snow Ski Bindings '17

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The Salomon Warden MNC 13 Bindings give you strength and precision for downhill performance, whatever your boot norm. This binding combines the on-piste performance basics and the smoothness and progressivity to enjoy off piste sensations, making it possible to take the best of skiing in all snow conditions. Thanks to the Multi norm Certification, you can even use whatever boot norm with this binding, making walking easier when accessing untouched powder carrying the skis. It's strong and precise with its The U Power Toe integrated into an Oversized Power Platform, ensuring optimum power transmission and the Progressive Transfer Pads underneath the toe and heel ensure more shock absorption. The Warden MNC13 bindings allow you to move freely and expand your playground.


Multi norm certified Automatic Wing adjustment Manual height toe adjustment Oversized platform Heel Flex Interface Progressive Transfer pads U Power Toe Sliding AFD

Tech Specs

Pedal: SCP pedal - Slider Norms: MNC (Multi Norm Certified) , MNC Easy Switch , Adult norms Transmission: High Lateral Transmission Brake: Freeski brake Adjustment range (US sizes): 3.5 Din scale: 4-13 Height in mm: 24.5 Weight: 1132g Skier weight (lbs): 92-275