Marker Baron EPF 13 Large Ski Bindings '20

Marker Baron EPF 13 Large Ski Bindings '20

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The Marker Baron EPF 13 Ski Bindings are made with high performance finishes. Triple Pivot Elite toe construction gives superior retention when freeriding along with a sole plate inclined by 5. Inter Pivot II Heel provides exceeding holding power the heel directs and power forces in the angle of elasticity improving the holding power. Titanium climbing aids deliver two 7 and 13 positions and can easily be accessed with the ski pole. The Marker Baron EPF 13 Bindings are made for the intermediate to advanced skier for great adventures.


Gliding AFD: Stainless Steel Color: Black/White Stand Height w/o ski: 36mm Skiers Weight: 80+ lbs Size L: 305 - 365

Tech Specs

Brake Width: 110mm DIN Range: 4.0 - 13.0 Toe Tech: Triple Pivot Elite II Heel Tech: Inner Pivot 2 Weight Pair: 2780g