Nordica Men's Firearrow F3 Frontside Ski Boots '13
Nordica Men's Firearrow F3 Frontside Ski Boots '13
Nordica Men's Firearrow F3 Frontside Ski Boots '13

Nordica Men's Firearrow F3 Frontside Ski Boots '13

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The Nordica Men's Firearrow F3 Frontside Ski Boots is a completely new design built to meet the needs of modern skiers who create greater lateral forces, increase inclination and ski at faster speeds.The Firearrow boots address these new demands with an entirely new shell design to enhance lateral precision, progressive forward flex creating easier ankle articulation and a 45 degree closure system for maximum heel retention. Ski technology has evolved, time for your boots to catch up. Built to enhance the boot’s lateral precision, key for driving today’s newer, wider and more ambitious ski shapes. With a progressive forward flex for better ankle articulation and Nordica’s carbon fiber EDT boot board, the Fire Arrow delivers maximum power transmission and zero torsional twisting. Add in the 45º degree buckle system for total heel lock down and the Fire Arrow brings more force, with less energy, in a high performance boot that can go anywhere and ski anything. Instead of just one number representing the flex, Nordica has adopted the Dynamic Performance Code to measure three performance parameters. Stiffness (1-20) measures the amount of force needed to bend the boot forward. Progression (1-3) is how much stiffer the boot gets as it is flexed forward. Rebound (M=slow, H=medium, E=fastest) is how quickly the boot returns to neutral from its deepest flex. The stiffer the boot, the higher the transmission of power to the ski.The F3 has a flex rating of 14.0. The bigger progression, the stiffer the boot behaves through the forward flex allowing the most precise load transmission of the ski. The F3 has a medium progression rating of 2. The higher the rate of rebound the faster the boot returns, enabling a quicker turn and ski edge change. The F3 also has a medium rebound rating of H.

Tech Specs

Shell Material: Tr. PU Ether Liner Type: PFP Precision Fit Lining Material: Tech velvet Buckle Material: ALU Micro: 3 Micro Adjust: 3 positions - screwed Flex Adjustment: Hard-Soft Canting: Double


100mm Last Flex Index: up to 115 progressive DPC (stiffness/progression/rebound): 14/2/H 45° Instep retention EDT Wedge - Efficient Dynamic Technology ADJ progressive flex Tongue rebound 3 Piece easy-entry shell construction High traction dual-density pu soles PFP precision fit liner ALU ServoLock Buckles Double Canting

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