Flow NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Bindings

Flow NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Bindings '17

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The Flow NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Bindings are designed for intermediate to advanced riders who are looking for precision design that meets on-hill performance. The NX2 models offer a lightweight Aluminum alloy rockered baseplate which is the stiffest and most responsive. The Aluminum design reduces friction and weight, and allows you to go smoother and faster on the snow. The NX2 Hybrid is designed to ride anywhere and anytime for all around fun.


Stiff Flex - 8/10 Aluminum Alloy Rockered Baseplate Glass-Filled Nylon Modback ATM.8 Support Panel Fusion Powerstrap Hybrid Powercapstrap Active Strap Technology Aluminum Locking Slap Ratchets Buckles- LSR Aluminum 5mm-Offset Multidisk (4HP + 3HP + M6-Channel) 2.5° Canted Dual-Density Bankbeds OC-Kush Base & Heel-Pad Dual-Entry Versatility Powerstrap Power Triangle Reclining Hiback Strap Activation