Lib Tech Men's Skunk Ape Snowboard '21

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The Lib Tech Men's Skunk Ape Snowboard is a wide, all-terrain power stick specially made for big guys who rage in the mountain. This snowboard is the product of constant testing and refinement by theexperimental division team that main priority was to create the best power freestyle stick on the planet for larger gentlemen. The Skunk Ape features a lightweight tip and tail, as well as an Eco-Sublimated top and base with an impressive artwork from Quincy Quigg. This board is built in ultra-lightHorsepower construction for easy on the front foot chair rides. Put the Skunk Ape in rail or on a rail, your toes won't drag but your knuckles might.


60% Aspen/40% Paulownia Core Tri-Ax/Bi-Ax and Basalt Alloy Glass Eco Sublimated Poly Top Sheet Eco Sublimated TNT Base Magne-Traction® Edge Hold Serrated Steak Knife Technology Banana Technology Effortless Control Horsepower Construction Lightweight Full Contact and Control in all Conditions Central Rocker Builds in Carve, Edge Hold, and Float Cambers Build in Pop Stability and Control Birch Internal Sidewalls UHMW Sintered Sidewalls UHMW Tip/Tail Impact Deflection

Tech Specs

172 - Waist Width 26.8 cm | Contact Length 131 cm | Side Cut 8.75 cm | Nose/Tail Width 31.2 cm | Stance 21 - 26" | Set Back 0.5"