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Ride Women's Magic Stick Snowboard '21

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147 cm

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The Ride Women's Magic Stick Snowboard is for intermediate to advanced all-mountain riders in all conditions. It has a Tapered Bi-Radial sidecut that provides effortless turn initiation and a smooth and stable turn/exit. Slimewalls® are forgiving and ductile, absorbing impacts rather than defending against them. Just like your skate wheels, the urethane in Slimewalls® smooths the interaction with the snow, wood or metal surfaces you may ride on. On top of all that, these babies are virtually indestructible, the most durable sidewalls in snowboarding. Carbon Array 3™ provides extra pop and control without adding stiffness. The Ride Women's Magic Stick is a mid-flexing all-mountain shape for the baddest chick. Built to hit once, built to hit twice, really built to hit anything. It’s maaagic.


Directional Hybrid Camber Tapered Bi-Radial Sidecut Sintered, Stone Ground Base WMNS Performance™ Core Slimewalls® Linear Carbon Single Impact Plates Carbon Array 3™ Hybrid Glass Roll-In Construction Medium Response Groomers, Pow

Tech Specs

143 - Waist Width: 240 | Weight Range: 50-100lbs (27-45kg) | Sidecut: 4.70/5.80 | Effective Edge: 1034 147 - Waist Width: 242 | Weight Range: 85-130lbs (39-59kg) | Sidecut: 5.20/6.40 | Effective Edge: 1085 151 - Waist Width: 244 | Weight Range: 100-150lbs (45-68kg) | Sidecut: 5.40/6.60 | Effective Edge: 1111 154 - Waist Width: 248 | Weight Range: 115-160+lbs (57-73+kg) | Sidecut: 5.70/7.10 | Effective Edge: 1136


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