Volkl Men's The Code PSi Frontside Skis with sMotion 12.0 TC D Bindings '13

Volkl Men's The Code PSi Frontside Skis with sMotion 12.0 TC D Bindings '13

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The Volkl Men's The Code PSi Skis are for the advanced skier looking for a ski that can take on hard front side snow with a ride that‘s completely personalized. The combination of Power Switch Individual (PSi) and a tip & tail rocker produces an almost inexhaustible pool of possibilities. The ski is constructed with a central wood core member, with a layer of spring steel below, and surrounded by PU for a stable, lively ski with additional damping in the central binding area of the ski resulting in a controlled ride and easy turning from the middle of the ski. This construction is quiet and stable regardless of the terrain and conditions. The Code PSi has a slight rocker in the tip and tail, combined with a classic camber profile under the foot for the ideal blend for frontside carving in hard snow. The rocker shape offers playful turn initiation, edge pressure in just the right doses coming out of turns and smooth handling when weighted. Skiers can take a trip to the ski shop to have the cambered midsection adjusted specifically to their needs, meaning the Code PSi reacts like a custom-made ski to the skier's ability. *PLEASE NOTE: Code PSi is also typically sized approx. 10 cm longer than comparable ski models.


76mm Waist sMotion 12.0 TC D System Binding Performance: Front Side - On Piste Wood Core with PSi Powered by Steel Tip & Tail Rocker

Tech Specs

Shape: 122/76/104 mm Radius: 18.0m @ 175 Profile: Front Tip Rocker/Camber Binding: sMotion 12.0 TC D Code [7336M1.VE] | black/white/green | DIN/ISO 4.0 - 12.0 | Triple Pivot Comfort Toe | TwinCam Heel

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