Volkl Men's RTM 77 Skis With 4Motion 11.0 TC Bindings '12

Volkl Men's RTM 77 Skis With 4Motion 11.0 TC Bindings '12

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The Volkl Men's RTM 77 Skis are narrow, sporty and rockered from tip to tail. The RTM 77 is engineered for accomplished skiers who prefer a dynamic but relaxed skiing style. The softer overall construction makes it the ski of choice for lightweight skiers and those learning to carve. This ski clearly prefers to spend its time on the groomed slopes, with a tip rocker providing effortless turn initiation that adapts to the skiers whims as if by magic. For an added bonus, the bow arc provides decent lift for fresh powder days as well. The RTM 77 has the best tech for the athletic intermediate to advanced skier looking for a versatile All-Mountain frontside ski. The ski has a great balance of quickness and response with just enough width and rocker for trips off piste. Extended Low Profile (ELP) gives the skier all the benefits of added maneuverability in soft snow while also delivering smooth, graceful arcs on groomed terrain. The flex and sidecut match the shape with the full rocker profile, enabling the skier to gain full, uninterrupted edge contact. The more you put the ski on edge, the more effective the edge becomes. The resulting smoothness and predictability is truly uncanny. Experience a smooth, powerful connection to the mountain without worrying about outgrowing your ski.


SIDECUT: 122_77_107 RADIUS: 16.1 (171cm) BINDING: 4Motion 11.0 TC PERFORMANCE: 70% Groomed, 30% Ungroomed CORE: Dual Wood Core CONSTRUCTION: XTD Transmission / Powered by Steel CAMBER: ELP Full Rocker

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