K2 Women's Missdemeanor Park and Pipe Twin Tip Skis '14 - Flat

K2 Women's Missdemeanor Park and Pipe Twin Tip Skis '14 - FLAT

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The K2 Women's Missdemeanor Skis hold firm as the most versatile women's twin in K2's collection. This ski tears up large park features and is built to be stable and powerful enough to rip the rest of the mountain - from a few inches of fresh to bulletproof ice, on piste and off. The women's specific Bioflex 3 Core offers increased performance, strength and durability. The Missdemeanor utilizes Triaxial Braiding for great torsional strength while retaining the lively flex patterns inherent in a wood core ski. ABSorb TwinTech Sidewall construction sandwiches a urethane layer in between ABS to lessen the impact of harsh landings. Urethane is used under foot to maximize the dampening, but ABS is used toward the tip and tail to maximize performance and edge control. The Bi-Directional Sidecut lets the ski perform exceptionally well while skiing in the forward direction but allows the rider to also have similar switch arcs for better and more consistent switch riding. As signified by the pink ribbon on the bases of their women's skis, K2 proudly donates to foundations dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer. We recommend pairing this flat ski with the Marker Squire Schizo binding.


90mm Waist All-Terrain Rocker PERFORMANCE: 50% All-Mountain / 50% Park Triaxial Braid Construction ABSorb TwinTech Sidewall Bioflex 3 Core - 80% Aspen/20% Paulownia Bi-Directional Sidecut Tip/Tail Hardware Swap Base

Tech Specs

Sidecut: 121/90/115 Radius: 15m @ 159 Binding: Flat