Loaded Boards Bhangra Flex 1 Complete Longboard

Loaded Boards Bhangra Flex 1 Complete Longboard

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The Loaded Boards Bhangra Flex 1 Complete Longboard is a more compact dancing/freestyle deck. Offering plenty of foot space to get your dancing groove on yet is compact and lightweight enough to facilitate steezy slides and advanced flatland tricks. Upturned nose and tail kicks, purposeful griptape patterns, rocker, mellow concave and damp flex (created in part by the use of epoxy bio-resin & cork) result in comfortable and functional ergonomics that inspire confidence on both the dance floor and the hills. Flex 1 is definitely stiffer, and if you are 160 lbs it will flex only slightly under you. If you like stiffer boards and plan on doing hard pounding tricks with this board or weigh more (over 190 lbs), this is your board.


Flex1: Flex 1: 150-250+ lbs Trucks:We recommend 180mm reverse-kingpin trucks: Paris, Randal, Bears, etc. Paris with standard bushings offer the most wheel clearance and best fit with the wheel wells. Wheels: Wheels: This board is designed to ride with 70mm or smaller wheels. 75mm wheels are too big and require risers to avoid the risk of wheel bite. Plus, 70mm is the perfect, lightweight size to throw around, do tricks on, and slide.

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Length: 48.5" / 123 cm Width: 9.5" / 24 cm Wheelbase (Inner Hole): 32.75" / 83.19 cm Weight: deck only: 5.6 - 6.3 lbs / 2.5 - 2.9 kg Complete: 9.4 - 10.1 lbs / 4.3 - 4.58 kg

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