Penny Skateboards Nickel Complete 27"

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The Penny Skateboards Nickel Complete 27" comes in at 27" long and 7.5" wide. The Nickel is a little bigger overall, in comparison with Penny's original 22" model. Made from the same great plastic composition that provides a unique combination of flexibility and strength, the Nickel board deck is fitted with durable, high performance 4" aluminum trucks, color coordinated 59mm 83A Penny wheels and Abec7 bearings. As with 22" Penny's, Nickel boards are capable of some serious shredding. From navigating the streets to cruising to the beach, the Penny 27" effortlessly blends both style and functionality. Tight turns are no issue; this skateboard lives to carve.


4" Penny Trucks 59mm 83A Super Smooth Penny Wheels Penny ABEC 7 Bearings

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