Powell Peralta Vallely Elephant Skateboard

Powell Peralta Vallely Elephant Skateboard

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The Powell Peralta Vallely Elephant Skateboard is everything you need for your next adventure. It is made from strong, light, hard yellow birch, fused together with water-resistant glue in proprietary Powell-Peralta AirLam™ presses. This ensures maximum stiffness, strength, pop and durability. It features Professional quality silicon carbide grit that optimizes grip and durability in all weather conditions. The Mini Logo™ trucks combine strength, stability, and smooth turning by utilizing premium alloys, high-rebound bushings, and heat-treated axles. Mini Logo bearings are Skate Rated™ so they roll fast, and stand up to the dirt, dust, impacts and moisture that skateboards roll through every day.


Yellow Birch Deck Powell-Peralta AirLam™ press Silicon carbide grit that optimizes grip Skate Rated Mini Logo Bearings Manufacturer Warranty against defects for the life of the skateboard

Tech Specs

Deck: Yellow Birch Trucks: Mini logo™ Trucks Bearings: Mini Logo Wheels: Polyurethane Deck Width 7" - 7.625": Medium-soft bushings Deck Width 7.75" and up: Medium-hard bushings Deck Width 7" - 7.625": Medium 90-A hardness Deck Widths 7.75" wide and up: Hard 101-A hardness Artwork by: Vernon Courtlandt Johnson