Liquid Force Men's Flex Comp Wakeboard Vest
Liquid Force Men's Flex Comp Wakeboard Vest
Liquid Force Men's Flex Comp Wakeboard Vest

Liquid Force Men's Flex Wakeboard Comp Vest

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The Liquid Force Men's Flex Wakeboard Comp Vest proves that you can have it all! The Flex is easy to get on, Provides excellent impact protection and flexes like a champ. The fast on front zipper gets you on the water fast! Built on a combonation of Flex-Span Neoprene super stretchable neoprene and water shedding Speed Skin Neoprene. Both are light and flexible. Inside you will find high performance Stretch-Light lining fabric for the ultimate in comfort. The 38 segment design is what makes the Flex Comp really flex! Each small section wraps, conforms and moves with you. Side cuts, shoulder cuts, and lifted hips let you move without restriction. You can twist, grab and reach farther with the Flex Comp. The Flex Comp features a more protective layer of the best light weight impact flotation foam. The PVX foam perfectly compliments the Flex comp design with its supportive, soft, stretchable and flexible formula. PVX provides excellent impact protection and is lab test certified for low water absorption. Designed with minimal taper and maximum stretch the Flex can zip up tight without restrictions. The broad neck opening and narrow shoulders provide maximum upper body mobility for spotting your landings. Fully turned side seams are smooth and comfortable. WARNING: Not Coast Guard Approved - THIS IS NOT A LIFE SAVING DEVICE


Flex-Span Neoprene + Speed Skin Flex-Architecture PVX Foam Smart Fit Not Coast Guard Approved - This is NOT a life saving device