Zamst A1-s Ankle Brace
Zamst A1-s Ankle Brace
Zamst A1-s Ankle Brace

Zamst A1-s Ankle Brace

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The Zamst A1-s Ankle Brace provides a low profile design for mild to moderate ankle sprains. The new A1-S has improved Flyweight-TECH for a lightweight design and an enhanced construction. The new L-Strap design with Grip-TECH, anti migration technology stabilizes the ankle and provides increased stability preventing it from rolling inwards (inversion).


Anatomically Correct Support for Right or Left Body Part Exo-Grid (Internal) Dual stabilizer Inserts Provide Anatomically Correct Stability F-8 Strap Stabilizer Loop Fit Taping Strap w/ Velcro Fasteners Provide Individualized Compression and fit i-Fit Open Panel Design with Adjustable Fasteners Provides Individualized Fit, Enhanced Comfort and Variable Compression Levels

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