Suncloud Zephyr Fashion Sunglasses
Suncloud Zephyr Fashion Sunglasses
Suncloud Zephyr Fashion Sunglasses
Suncloud Zephyr Fashion Sunglasses
Suncloud Zephyr Fashion Sunglasses

Suncloud Zephyr Fashion Sunglasses

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Black/Gray Hot Pink/Grey Polarized Lens

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The Zephyr is a NEW addition to the rimless line up from Suncloud. its a universal fit fashion sunglasses that can work with just about any facial type from wide to small. The Zephyr uses polarized polycarbonate lenses and Sunclouds Grilamid frames.


New Style! Universal Fit Polarized polycarbonate Grilamid frame Lifetime MFG Warranty

Tech Specs

FRAME FEATURES 8 Base Lens Curve Suncloud frames and lenses feature 8 base curvatures, enabling the frame and lens to wrap on the wearer's face. 8 base frames provide added protection from annoying side glare and environmental elements such as wind, dust and particulate matter. Grilamid Nylon or Metal Alloy Each Suncloud frame is crafted from optical grade Grilamid Nylon or Metal Alloys for a quality fit and lasting durability. Microfiber Storage and Cleaning Bag Suncloud Polarized Optics all come with a Microfiber storage bag. When not storing the sunglasses in the bag, it can be used to clean any smudges off your lenses. Megol Nose and Temple Tip Features Many Suncloud frames incorporate hydrophilic Megol features in the nose area and temple tips. These help your glasses hug and stay put on your face in light activity or humid conditions. Metal Alloy frames feature a spring hinge at the temple for a comfortable, custom fit. LENS FEATURES Polarization Through advanced lens technology, Suncloud polarized lenses selectively filter horizontally reflected, visually interfering light waves know as 'glare'. The elimination of direct and ambient glare results in superior visual clarity, definition, color transmissions and optical comfort. Lens Tints Suncloud eyewear features three multi purpose lens tints. * Polarized Gray for elimination of glare and the truest transmission of natural colors. * Polarized Brown for elimination of glare and enhanced contrast while maintaining the accuracy of color transmissions. * Polarized Rose with a silver flash mirror for elimination of glare while providing an optically comfortable and pleasant lens. Lens Materials All Suncloud lenses are manufactured from optical grade Polycarbonate material with high grade polarizing film incorporated into the lens. The results are glare free viewing through a lightweight lens with high impact resistance for added protection. UV Protection Suncloud Polarized lenses are manufactured with filters to provide protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. Injection Molded Lenses Each Suncloud polarized lens is manufactured with optical grade Polycarbonate using an injection molding process to ensure exceptional clarity and associated optical properties. This process helps to create a rigid polarizing film carrier and eliminates distortion. Lifetime Warranty Click here for details

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