K2 Women's Sira Goggles with Vermilion Biopic Lens
K2 Women's Sira Goggles with Vermilion Biopic Lens
K2 Women's Sira Goggles with Vermilion Biopic Lens

K2 Women's Sira Goggles with Vermilion Biopic Lens

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The K2 Women's Sira Goggles deliver performance and style in an exclusive feminine frame design. These K2 Snow Goggles have branded sublimated straps and accent hits on frames, these goggles look, feel, and perform as a K2 product should. Maximized field of vision is a performance mandate of K2 Snow Goggles. Each goggle was developed around the shape and features of the human eye, through an ocular-based frame design. This process, coupled with the pantoscopic angle of each frame, minimizes the presence of the goggle frame in the rider’s sight. Spherical lenses and plush, fleece-lined 11mm engineered face foam, ensure the goggles deliver unparalleled performance during the most extreme conditions. The helmet-driven topline design and carefully engineered strap brackets of each frame delivers maximum fit and ventilation with all K2 Helmets, as well as other brands. When charging hard in inclement weather or dropping into an untracked bowl in the backcountry, silicone strips along the inside of the goggle straps will keep your goggles firmly in place. Creators of some of the world’s most advanced optics, Carl Zeiss Vision brings incredible quality and experience to the optics of K2 Snow Goggles. Each lens is made of a tough polycarbonate and treated with a hard-coating for superior performance and extreme scratch resistance. Ri-Pel® is an exclusive hydrophobic vacuum coating that is applied to each of the Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision K2 lenses. Designed to minimize scratching and smudging, expel residue from water, sweat, and fingerprints, and enhance overall visibility, Ri-Pel offers the necessary lens protection required by today’s riders. Vermilion Biopic (47% VLT) is a premium spherical non-mirrored S1 Filter Category Lens for flat light and cloudy conditions. Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision with the protective Ri-Pel® coating.


Women Specific Design Vermilion Biopic (47% VLT) Lens Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision Ri-Pel Coating 11mm 2-layer fleece lined Face Foam Sublimated Strap Helmet Compatible

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