Anon Men's MFI Fleece Helmet Hood

Anon Men's MFI Fleece Helmet Hood

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The Anon Men's MFI® Fleece Helmet Hood is sized for over the helmet wear and offers seamless coverage from wind, sun, and cold with a magnetic connection that seals the face mask to MFI-compatible Anon goggles. Stretchy fleece fabric is breathable to prevent fogging and soft like a hooded sweatshirt for maximum warmth. The magnets in this balaclava are easily removed for machine washing or if you choose to wear it with non-MFI goggles. The Anon men's MFI® Fleece Helmet Hood is a great choice for long days on the mountain.

**Goggles sold separately.


Relaxed fit Roomy design Helmet compatible Compatible with the M3, M2, Relapse, Relapse Junior, and the (all new) Tracker 2.0 goggles **Goggles sold separately

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Materials: Stretch fleece Care: Machine Washable


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