Most campers agree that down sleeping bags are the most comfortable if you want a cold-weather camping sleeping bag. But if you are considering a down sleeping bag, keep these points in mind:

Price: Down sleeping bags are more expensive than synthetic bags, but they are also more durable.

Protection: It is important to protect a down sleeping bag from dampness. A wet down sleeping bag will not provide optimal insulation. Also, down sleeping bags must be washed carefully. If you want the benefits of a down sleeping bag and you can spare the space in your camping gear, consider a removable hiking sleeping bag liner, which is easier to wash.

The Marmot sleeping bag collection includes down sleeping bags, such as the new Marmot Always Summer 45 Degree Down Sleeping Bag, which is a comfortable and lightweight sleeping bag that packs at about two pounds. The Marmot sleeping bag also features a foot box with pocket for additional heater packs and a six-chambered hood for optimal fit.