One of the most useful beginner wakeboarding tips is to learn something about the components of wakeboarding bindings before you buy, so you can compare features among different brands to choose the bindings that work best for you.

Here's a quick summary of the main parts of wakeboarding bindings:

Baseplate: The baseplate sits between the wakeboard and the binding. This is the piece that you adjust to change your wakeboarding stance. The baseplate is accompanied by the hardware that holds it down, namely bolts that should be ergonomically designed to support the sides of your feet.

Footbed: The footbed should feel comfortable and secure without being too snug. Most wakeboarding footbeds are cushioned for shock absorption, and some have ridges under the toes for a more secure grip.

Overlay: The overlay holds the front and back of the wakeboarding bindings together. The underlay is a layer of soft material that protects the foot from the overlay. When you are trying out bindings, be sure that the underlay fits comfortably, without pinching or rubbing.