Geocaching is a fun way to incorporate a GPS device into a game of hide-and-seek. People throughout the U.S., and around the world, hide a waterproof box of miscellaneous items, often including a small notebook and disposable camera, and the exact coordinates of the items are posted on a geocaching website. The game for participants is to use a portable GPS device to find their way to the exact coordinates and identify the cache. Any portable GPS device can be used for geocaching such as...

  • A sport GPS watch,
  • Other types of GPS running watches,
  • Or, any portable GPS device such as a phone.

Rules of Geocaching

Geocaching is an informal activity. However, when you use your GPS running watches or other portable GPS systems, observe some common rules of courtesy.

  • Don't disrupt the environment as you follow whatever trail leads you to the cache.
  • Don't hide your own caches in national parks or on private property.
  • There's no cost to join. Just search online for "geocaching," and you’ll find numerous websites to get you started.


Geocaching can be fun for the entire family. You can make it a family tradition or even a goal to find geocaches around the world. While out geocaching, follow some of these tips to help you out on your adventure.

  • Use your senses to feel around.
  • Look for items that seem out of place.
  • Geocache boxes are often disguised.
  • Don’t bury anything—you shouldn’t have to dig.
  • Search high and low.
  • If you’re having trouble, many geocache websites provide hints.
  • Check the latest activity—many people will leave comments about their experiences.
  • Be patient!
  • Bring a pen—geocache boxes will contain a notebook so you can leave a note.

What are Trackables?

Trackables are various objects that move around from geocache to geocache. Each trackable has a unique code registered on the geocaching website so you can look at where it has been what its goal is. Here are some tips on trackables.

  • Move a trackable to its new location within two weeks.
  • If a trackable is missing, contact the trackable’s owner or log a note on the trackables page.
  • If a trackable isn’t listed, wait 24 hours or contact the last geocacher that logged it.

Now that you have some basic knowledge on geocaching, go out and explore. For more information on hiking gear, or any other outdoor adventures, visit your local Sun & Ski Sports.