No one wants to be too warm or too cold when camping, and the right camping sleeping bag will help you rest up for your days outside. Sleeping bags work by trapping the heat that your body generates naturally, and keeping it close to you. But not everyone experiences hot and cold the same way in the same bag. Some factors that affect how you feel in a camping sleeping bag include:

Physical fitness: If you are used to sleeping outdoors, you won't notice the cold as much as someone who rarely uses a camping sleeping bag and sleeping bag pad.

Size: Larger, heavier people are less likely to feel cold than smaller, slighter individuals.

Age and gender: Children are more susceptible to cold than adults, and women tend to feel the cold more than men, so plan purchases of a sleeping bag pad and camping sleeping bag accordingly.

To find the right camping sleeping bag for you and your family members, check out the selection at your local Sun & Ski shop.