If you are looking for a composite wakeskate to take your moves to another level, consider the Liquid Force Mod Wakeskate. Liquid Force remains one of the top wakeskate brands, and the Mod is an excellent choice of composite wakeskate. Key features include die-cut grip tape for maximum traction, a softer rail in the middle that becomes crisper at the nose and tail, and an abrupt concave deck. The Liquid Force Mod wakeskate also comes with two standard skate fins and four accessory fins. Remember that the fins that come with any of the top wakeskate brands might not meet your wakeskating needs. There's nothing wrong with buying a wakeskate and changing up the fins. The shape and size of your fins impact how your wakeskate tracks in the water, and larger fins provide a bigger "bite."Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice about the features of different wakeskate brands and the different styles of wakeskate fins.