Like any camping equipment, down sleeping bags have their advantages and disadvantages.

Worth the weight: In general, down sleeping bags are more durable than synthetic versions, and they compress down smaller for easier transport.

Works when wet: Synthetic sleeping bags dry more quickly than down sleeping bags, and they are usually quite easy to clean. Synthetic sleeping bags are cheaper than down sleeping bags, but down sleeping bags are more durable, so you won't have to buy one every year.

For a quality down sleeping bag that won't break your budget, consider the Kelty Cosmic 20. This down sleeping bag is a three-season camping sleeping bag that comes with its own stuff sack and features an antilocking zipper. The bag weighs less than three pounds, making it an excellent choice for a hiking sleeping bag as well as camping at a single site.

Check out a range of options for down sleeping bags as well as synthetic camping sleeping bags at your local Sun & Ski shop.