A deep water start is a difficult thing to master for beginners, but with this step by step guide, you will be up and riding in no time. Some water skiers feel that their tow boat drags them too much when they do a two-foot deep water start for slalom water skiing. A one-foot deep water start causes the slalom ski to plane faster as the skier can lean forward more compared to a two-foot start. A one-foot start might seem hard to get the hang of at first, but these steps will help you achieve it.

Step 1 - It All Starts With the Feet

Determine which foot feels natural and comfortable in the front and which feels comfortable in the back. Determining this before trying to get up in the water will help with balance and coordination.

Step 2 - Position

Position your front foot in your water ski boot, and let your back foot trail in the water. Before you get into the water with your ski, make sure you can easily put your foot inside the ski boot. Practicing a few times on land can help you get the hang of it if you’re a beginner.

Step 3 - Knee to Chest

While you are waiting in the water bring your front knee to your chest.

Step 4 - Get Ready

As in a two-feet start, position your skis at a 45-degree angle to your tow boat with approximately 12 inches of ski emerging from the water. Keep your butt down and your feet and ski high.

Step 5 - Start to Stand

As the boat starts, keep your lead knee bent while your back leg stays in the water for balance. Straighten your arms and look ahead at the tow boat as you start to stand up on the ski.

Step 6 - Balance

Stand up slowly, and don't rush to put your back foot in the rear strap. While you can balance your foot lightly on the slalom ski, you should instead focus on body position and balance. Keep your arms straight and your shoulders back and down.

Step 7 - On Your Feet

Look straight ahead. When you feel balanced and are easily gliding on the water, slide your back foot into the rear water ski binding.

With these simple steps, you'll be out on the water with the one-foot ski start in no time. As with anything, whether you are doing the one-foot start or the two-foot start, practicing your positions on land first might be beneficial. Have more questions about water skiing or any other water sports? Check out more articles on our Adventure Resource Guide! Or come see us in-store or online at your local Sun & Ski Sports.