Seasoned campers know that different types of camping sleeping bags are best for different situations, but if you are new to hiking and camping, or if you want to take your outdoor adventures to the next level, keep these points in mind to determine which camping sleeping bag is right for you.

Bulk: Some sleeping bags are light in weight, but they don't compress well, which makes them awkward to carry on an Alpine hike, for example.

Price: Not everyone needs to spend a lot of money on a sleeping bag. Consider the intensity of your hiking and camping needs. If you are sleeping on the side of a windswept mountain, it might be worth paying more for a camping sleeping bag that is as warm and compressible as possible.

Warmth: Down sleeping bags are the warmest type of camping sleeping bag, but they usually cost more than synthetic bags. Are you camping or hiking in cold weather conditions? If so, then a down sleeping bag might be your best bet.

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