If you have spent enough time on wakeboards to be beyond the beginner stage, but you aren't an expert (yet), it's time to change up the placement of your wakeboarding bindings. As you approach the expert level, you'll have your bindings closer together, and eventually both feet will point out. The closer your wakeboarding bindings are to the center, the easier your tricks will be.

Follow these binding-placement guidelines for intermediate to advanced wakeboarding:

Back: Set your back binding at one hole in from the back, and angle it in a range from zero to nine degrees.

Front: Set your front binding about four to five holes in from the front, at an angle of about 18 degrees. As you improve, reduce the angle of the front foot down toward nine degrees, which is considered appropriate for expert-level wakeboarding.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice about positioning your wakeboarding bindings based on your skill level.