With so many styles, brands and options available when it comes to buying running shoes, choosing the best option may feel overwhelming. The best practice is to determine what you want from running, and to then pick a shoe that meets your goals. Do you want to improve your fitness and be more athletic? Are you a sprinter or racer looking for speed? Or are you looking for a solid pair of shoes that you can put through their paces every day? Obviously, the ideal shoe looks different for these distinct types of runners. Keep your goals in mind and consider the qualities which will support you as you tackle the next hundred miles. There are a few key aspects of running shoes that you should keep in mind.


Larger men and men with joint issues should make look for a thicker midsole. The midsole provides cushioning and stability while running, which is key to preventing injuries and joint stress. If you are prone to overprotonating—rolling your foot inwards during a stride—there are models that structure the midsole to account for this.


Men tend to have wider heels than women. However, if you find a lot of men’s models leave you with far too much room in your heel, try on a women’s pair and see if the fit suits you better. Getting a proper fit for your foot prevents injuries and blisters.


A heavier shoe can be a big burden for sprinters and those aiming for speed. If you want to compete in races or improve your time, make sure your shoes won’t weigh you down. With modern midsole materials, though, there are plenty of comfortable choices that won’t hold you back. If you find yourself wishing for more options for lightweight shoes, women’s shoes tend to be a bit lighter on average.


Some shoes are not suitable for daily training. Consider how often you will be training, and on what type of surface. Learn how to extend the life of your running shoes and recognize the signs that it is time for new pair.

Popular Brands of Running Shoes

Whether you are a long-distance runner, an everyday jogger, or even a triathlete, you'll have a seemingly endless amount of footwear choices. Here is a short list of some brands we recommend to help reach your running goals.

ASICS Men's Running Shoes

ASICS has spent many years perfecting their extensive line of running shoes for both men and women. Their shoes are designed to cater to all level runners. They even categorize their shoes to help you find the pair that will cater to your specific needs as a casual or professional runner.

Brooks Men's Running Shoes

Brooks offers a wide selection of men's running shoes. Their running shoes incorporate lightweight technologies that still provide serious support. Their GuideRails midsole support structures help keep strides straight and stable, thus preventing knee and hip injuries.

Mizuno Men's Running Shoes

Mizuno men's running shoes are designed for efficiency. Their selection of running shoes features innovative technology designed to reduce stress on your feet when running. These are some of the best running shoes for men interested in taking the sport seriously.

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