Even an inexpensive dome tent is an investment, but if you take care of your tent properly, it can serve you well for years. Keep these points in mind to care for your tent during your camping trip:

Prepare: Prepare the site before you pitch your tent. Be sure that you have all the components, including pegs and poles.

Protect: Be sure to pick up any large sticks or rocks that could puncture the floor of your hiking tent, and move them out of the way.

Position: Position your hiking tent so the back of the tent is to the wind. Use trees and large rocks as windbreaks, if possible. Also, try to pitch your tent on the flattest, most even ground. If your tent is pitched unevenly it is more vulnerable to damage.

Post-camping: After you get home from your camping trip, pitch your tent in a cool, dry place to allow it to air out. Even if you didn't get rained on, this simple step can help prevent mildew from building up in the tent while it is stored awaiting its next use.